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FungicidesNew productsNews

March 28, 2023
Corteva Agriscience launches Adavelt active


March 14, 2023
Biocontrol agents show promise against fungal diseases

FungicidesNew productsNewsCanolaSoybeans

March 6, 2023
Corteva Agriscience launches new fungicide solution for sclerotinia and white mould

FungicidesNewsHerbicidesSeed & Chemical

April 13, 2022
Keep it Clean releases latest product advisory

FungicidesNew productsSeed & Chemical

March 3, 2022
UPL registers Roxar Fungicide

FungicidesNew products

January 31, 2022
Syngenta Canada launches Miravis Era, expands Miravis Neo and Ace

FungicidesNew productsNews

May 31, 2021
ADAMA launches new fungicide for canola, wheat and barley


January 11, 2021
Syngenta Canada adds new Sclerotinia fungicide

FungicidesNew productsNewsCanola

September 4, 2020
Bayer launches new sclerotinia fungicide for canola


June 30, 2020
Maximizing fungicide use

FungicidesNewsAgronomyFertilizerSeed & Chemical

February 13, 2020
OSCIA celebrates Lambton County farmer’s innovation


January 10, 2020
Syngenta Canada launching Miravis lineup of fungicide products in 2020


December 16, 2019
New dual fungicide resistance in barley confirmed in Australia


September 16, 2019
EPA approves fungicide delivered by bees


July 24, 2019
Fungicide application underway in Manitoba beans


May 13, 2019
Online tool for growers expands to fight fungicide resistance


May 1, 2019
EVITO fungicide expands for use on oat, rye and triticale


April 29, 2019
No payoff for early season fungicide on corn

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

April 26, 2018
Lumisena fungicide receives PMRA registration

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

March 21, 2018
Impacts of fungicide and herbicide timing

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

August 9, 2017
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Best fungicides and application timings for pasmo control in flax

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

April 24, 2017
Foliar fungicide and seeding rate in pulses

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

April 4, 2017
New foliar fungicide for potatoes to control early blight and brown spot

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

February 13, 2017
Three mode-of-action fungicide now available for barley growers

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

January 13, 2017
Fungicide and label updates for cereal and specialty crop growers in Western Canada

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

August 9, 2016
Use caution with foliar fungicides

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

July 14, 2016
Biofungicide approved for use in Canada

FungicidesFeaturesSeed & Chemical

June 28, 2016
Eyespot in Ontario corn