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On the lookout for Palmer amaranth

November 15, 2022
By Top Crop Manager


Palmer amaranth is a term that makes farmers and agronomists shudder a little each time it’s mentioned. Native to the United States, it’s an invasive weed that has been on the radar in Canada for several years due to its ability to develop herbicide resistance so quickly. As Kim Brown-Livingston states, it grows quickly and causes incredible economic damage, making it a super (concerning) weed.

In this episode, Brown-Livingston, provincial weed specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and Rural Development, chats with co-host Dylan Sjolie about Palmer amaranth. With recent findings of the weed in Manitoba, Brown-Livingston shares details about Palmer amaranth, and what to do if it shows up in your field.

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Show notes:

Support for this episode provided by Dekalb and Farm Credit Canada.