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Corteva Agriscience launches Adavelt active

March 28, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Corteva Agriscience has launched Adavelt active, with recent product registrations in three countries – Canada, Australia and South Korea. Adavelt active is a novel fungicide with a new mode of action that protects against a wide range of diseases that can impact crop yields.

Zetigo PRM fungicide with Adavelt active, now approved for sale in Canada, will be available for the 2023 growing season for use in lentil crops. Commercial sales of products containing Adavelt active will also begin this year in Australia and in South Korea. Corteva plans to offer Adavelt in additional countries and pending appropriate crop registrations in the following years, subject to regulatory approvals.

“Farmers have a critical need for innovative fungicides to address the challenges they face today. Adavelt active delivers exactly that – a new, flexible option to protect crops and preserve yield potential,” says Robert King, executive vice-president, crop protection business unit, Corteva Agriscience.


Adavelt active is built on the discovery of Inatreq active, a natural origin fungicide developed by Corteva with proven effectiveness for many crops. Adavelt active (florylpicoxamid/FRAC Group 21) is the first broad-spectrum picolinamide fungicide for use against ascomycota pathogens in major crops grown worldwide. Adavelt active features a novel target site of action in many crops with no cross-resistance to other modes of action, and it has a strong fit in existing integrated pest management programs as a resistance management tool.

Adavelt active offers preventative properties against a wide range of diseases severely impacting yield, along with curative properties when used in the early stages of infection. By adding Adavelt to disease management programs, farmers can simplify fungal control efforts and reduce resistance risks, while protecting the yield potential and quality of crops, both now and in future seasons.


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