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Fungicide and label updates for cereal and specialty crop growers in Western Canada

Growers in Western Canada now have new options for controlling the most damaging diseases with the registration of Hornet fungicide and label updates for INTEGO Solo seed treatment from Nufarm Agriculture Inc.

January 13, 2017  By Nufarm Agriculture Inc.

According to the Canadian Grains Commission, in 2016 approximately half of hard red spring wheat samples and two-thirds of durum samples in Western Canada were impacted by Fusarium. Hornet is a foliar fungicide that protects cereal crops from Fusarium head blight, and leaf, stem and stripe rust. Hornet (Group 3) contains a proprietary brand of tebuconazole in an SC formulation to offer cereal growers more options for effective disease control. Hornet is registered for use on barley, oats, and spring, durum and winter wheat and can be used from the 4-leaf stage to flowering, depending on the diseases targeted. For best results, Hornet must be applied prior to the onset of disease.

In time for 2017 seed treatment, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved several label updates for INTEGO Solo seed treatment. INTEGO Solo (Group 22) is the only seed treatment available to protect field crops from Aphanomyces root rot, and is now fully approved for use on field pea and sunflower crops. Some label uses for legumes have also been updated – a new rate range for legumes to allow for a higher rate in high disease pressure areas, and the removal of all grazing restrictions for all legumes.

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