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New fungicide seed treatment delivers powerful protection for cereal growers

January 22, 2024 in News

Canadian cereal growers will get their crops off to a better start this season with the launch of Straxan™ fungicide seed treatment from Corteva Agriscience™.

New from the industry leader in cereal crop protection, Straxan delivers powerful protection against a wide range of critical early season seedling and soil-borne diseases such as fusarium species, rhizoctonia, and true loose smut. Ready-to-use and easy-to-apply, it’s an excellent partner for Lumivia™ CPL insecticide seed treatment, which provides the broadest cereal insect protection from wireworm and cutworm.

“We’re committed to providing Canadian growers with the tools they need to get their crops off to the best possible start, and Straxan is the perfect complement to our leading reputation in cereal protection,” says Kirsten Ratzlaff, portfolio marketing manager, Corteva Agriscience. “When combined, Straxan and Lumivia CPL form a premium cereal seed treatment package that delivers outstanding protection.”

Ready-to-use, easy-to-apply formulation

When crop protection is difficult to mix or apply, many growers will look for a simpler solution – often at the expense of their crops. That’s why the world-class R&D team at Corteva went to great lengths to ensure its newest cereal crop protection solution comes ready to use with an easy-to-apply formulation.

Straxan provides complete seed coverage and treating flexibility, both through commercial seed treaters and on-farm equipment. Stable under varying application conditions and under a wide variety of temperatures, the formulation flows through standard seeding equipment smoothly and efficiently. The highly compatible product can also be tank-mixed with other treatments at registered label rates, including Lumivia CPL.

Powerful seedling protection

Healthy early-season emergence and growth is key to maximizing crop yield and quality potential.

With three proven fungicide actives, Straxan provides excellent seedling protection against a wide range of critical seed and soil-borne cereal diseases. This includes powerful protection from yield-robbing diseases like Fusarium graminearum, true loose smut, common bunt, dwarf bunt, Aspergillus, Penicillium, stinking smut and pythium, as well as control of alternaria, rhizoctonia, common root rot and fusarium crown rot.

Thanks to this higher level of early-season protection, Straxan is proven to increase plant count and stand establishment, maximizing the potential of your cereal crop.

Excellent partner for Lumivia CPL insecticide seed treatment

Corteva is committed to discovering, developing, and delivering the highest-quality seed treatments to help protect seed from the start, so it can develop to its full potential.

With a well-deserved reputation as the industry leader in cereal crop protection, Corteva developed Straxan to complement Lumivia CPL insecticide seed treatment, which delivers long-lasting control of wireworms, cutworms, armyworms and more.

Used together, the two products create a premium cereal seed treatment package that provides robust protection against both insects and seedling and soil-borne cereal disease, helping maximize crop stand establishment and yield potential.

Win the start with Straxan

No one protects your cereal crop like Corteva Agriscience. Try new Straxan fungicide seed treatment and Win the Start.

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