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Syngenta Canada launches Miravis Era, expands Miravis Neo and Ace

January 31, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

On Jan. 27, Syngenta Canada announced the launch of Miravis Era, a new fungicide specializing in Fusarium head blight protection (FHB) for wheat crops. Miravis Era provides two major active ingredients: adepidyn (Group 7), a fungicide that provides long-lasting disease protection, and prothioconazole (Group 3), a fungicide commonly used for FHB management

Small plot trials showed that Miravis Era applied to wheat resulted in an average deoxynivalenol (DON) suppression of 50 per cent.

The product will be available in limited quantities in 2022 to growers who are consistently fighting Fusarium head blight and require advanced protection.


Syngenta Canada also announced a significant expansion of the Miravis Neo fungicide label for 2022. Previously registered in corn and pulse crops, the three modes-of-action Miravis Neo can now be used against a range of foliar diseases in cereals and soybeans. In cereals, Neo is used for control of numerous leaf diseases including Septoria, tan spot and rust. For soybean crops, Neo is used to control key diseases including Asian rust, anthracnose and fogey leaf sprout, along with white mould suppression.

Previously registered in spring wheat, winter wheat and durum, Miravis Ace fungicide can now be used in barley and oats. This label expansion also adds suppression of ergot, in addition to FHB suppression.


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