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Bayer launches Delaro Complete fungicide in Western Canada

July 18, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Bayer’s Crop Science division announced its Delaro Complete fungicide is now registered for use in Western Canada on pulses, including chickpeas and lentils. Delaro Complete has three modes of action (Groups 3, 7, 11), providing enhanced disease control and yield potential protection to Western Canadian pulse growers.

“Delaro Complete provides lentil and chickpea growers with industry leading defenses against yield robbing diseases like anthracnose and ascochyta” says Ashley Smith, marketing manager, crop protection west at Bayer. “With Delaro Complete, pulse growers can count on leading disease control and yield protection.”

Delaro Complete builds on the performance of Delaro for advanced control of the most important pulse crop diseases while delivering a vital tool for lentil and chickpea growers in combatting increasing pressures of anthracnose and ascochyta. The addition of Group 7 (fluopyram) enhances white and grey mould control performance and offers extra residual protection, giving farmers an edge throughout the growing season.


“Bayer is committed to providing growers with innovative tools for leading disease control and yield protection. We’re proud to say that the expansion of Delaro Complete in Western Canada helps further that goal,” says Smith.

Delaro Complete will be available in 7.1 L jugs and 113.8 L drums for the 2024 growing season. For best results in lentils, chickpeas and field peas, Delaro Complete should be applied preventively at first flower or the first signs of disease.


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