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Syngenta Canada launching Miravis lineup of fungicide products in 2020

January 10, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Syngenta Canada has launched Miravis, a series of five fungicide products registered for use on wheat, canola, pulses, corn, and fruit and vegetable crops.

According to Syngenta, the Miravis fungicides use a new active ingredient – adepidyn, a Group 7 fungicide belonging to the carboxamide chemical class – to combat diseases such as Fusarium head blight, Alternaria leaf spot, Aschochyta, Sclerotina and Botrytis.

Of the five products, three will be of particular interest to field crop growers: Miravis Ace, Miravis Neo, and Miravis Bold.


Miravis Ace was developed for spring, winter and durum wheat. Combining adepidyn with propiconazole (Group 3), it is designed to manage Fusarium head blight and all significant Fusarium species, with an emphasis on prevention, protecting grain from infection and loss of grade.

Miravis Neo is for use on corn, chickpeas and fieldpeas, and is a combination of adepidyn, azoxystrobin (Group 11) and propiconazole (Group 3). For corn, the fungicide controls a range of foliar corn diseases, including grey leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight, and suppresses Fusarium and Gibberella ear rots.

It is also designed as the first three-mode of action foliar fungicide for pulse crops, specifically field peas and chickpeas, and claims to provide preventative, long-lasting protection against key diseases such as Ascochyta and Mycosphaerella blight.

Miravis Bold is designed to control Sclerotina on canola, and claims to offer the widest application window for a Sclerotina fungicide, allowing for increased flexibility in on-farm use.

Syngenta will begin introducing the Miravis fungicide lineup in parts of Canada in 2020.


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