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Agronomy UpdateCanola

January 12, 2023
Agronomy update: Canola nutrient and water use efficiencies reviewed

Agronomy UpdateAgronomyPulses

February 21, 2022
Controlling Botrytis grey mould in lentil

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesHerbicidesWeed ManagementWeeds

February 12, 2022
Agronomy update: Controlling glyphosate-resistant kochia in chemical fallow

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesSoybeansWeeds

January 5, 2022
Agronomy update: Volunteer canola competition in soybean is intense

Agronomy Update

November 11, 2021
Hydrated lime can help reduce clubroot disease

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesCanolaGenetics/Traits

October 4, 2021
Multiple genes improve clubroot resistance

Agronomy UpdateFeatures

September 20, 2021
Fluroxypyr-resistant kochia confirmed in Alberta

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesAgronomyCanola

July 28, 2021
Foliar fungicide not recommended for blackleg-resistant canola

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesAgronomyCereals

May 20, 2021
Is wider row spacing in wheat possible?

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesHerbicidesSoybeansWeeds

April 30, 2021
Controlling glyphosate/dicamba-resistant kochia in soybean

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesSoybeans

March 8, 2021
Environment has biggest impact on soybean production

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesCanolaDiseases

January 21, 2021
Crop rotation and clubroot resistance still management tools

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesCanolaDiseases

December 10, 2020
Blackleg disease yield loss modelled for hybrid canola

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesDiseases

November 10, 2020
Research continues on pulse root rots

Agronomy UpdateFeaturesWeeds

October 3, 2020
Harvest Weed Seed Control under evaluation