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Koch PGPR product now available in Canada

August 19, 2021  By Koch (press release)

Koch Agronomic Services (Koch) recently announced that SYNTHOS, a plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) product, is now available in Canada. A liquid formulation that is phosphate-soluble, Synthos is a highly effective nutrient enhancer used to increase yield on a wide variety of crops.

“On the operational side, Synthos is easy to apply and has a two-year shelf life. In the field, Synthos helps with plant uptake, enhances root mass development and improves nutrient use efficiency (NUE) through phosphate solubilization,” says Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist for Koch in Canada. “Research being done in Canada shows Synthos has yield advantages on both wheat and canola, and has the potential to increase overall profitability.”

Synthos contains live micro-organisms that help improve soil fertility when applied to plant surfaces, seeds, roots or soil. The substance colonizes the rhizosphere or the interior of the plants, stimulating plant growth by increasing the availability of plant nutrients.


As a PGPR product, Synthos increases NUE by improving soil health. Growth-stimulating bacteria have beneficial effects, including nitrogen fixation, solubility of phosphorus fertilizer, mineralization and decomposition of crop residue. By making nutrients useful for plants, Synthos:

  • Improves plant adaptability and promotes plant growth;
  • Helps to convert phosphate-based fertilizer into readily available forms for improved plant uptake;
  • Contributes to increased yields, especially when applied in phosphorus-deficient soils;
  • Enhances root mass development when applied with dry fertilizer.

Synthos can save growers both time and money in the field with a range of benefits, including:

  • Easy application and flexibility, formulated to impregnate bulk dry fertilizer, or applied banded;
  • A mineral oil-based formula that allows Synthos to suppress dust during storage, handling and application;
  • An extended window of application, with the ability to be stored for up to two years before microbial viability is compromised. It is also viable on fertilizer up to 18 months, depending on storage conditions.

“At Koch, we continue to look for easy-to-use products to help growers produce more with fewer resources,” said Michael Berry, director of brand expansion for Koch. “Bringing attention to biologicals gives us an opportunity to talk with producers about growth-stimulating bacteria and how they can improve operational efficiencies. Coupled with 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices, Synthos will help improve soil health and NUE across Canada.”

To learn more about Synthos, visit or contact your Koch sales representative.


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