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N-fixing bacteria for corn now registered in Canada

June 11, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Following six years of field research and successful farm trials in Canada and the U.S., Envita is now approved for use by the Candian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and is commercially available to Canadian growers in 2020 as an in-furrow or foliar application. Envita is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant cell to fix N from the air all season long, when and where the plant needs it most.

“Envita changes the nitrogen equation for corn and other crops, fixing nitrogen in every cell all season long,” explains Nolan Berg, president of Azotic North America. “Canadian trials saw an average 7 per cent yield increase across all N fertilizer levels and, with CFIA approval, Canadian growers can now use Envita in 2020.”

The introduction of a foliar application in 2020 will provide growers in Canada with more options for application methods and timing to suit the conditions of their farms. Growers in the 2019 foliar trial in the U.S. averaged a six bushel per acre (bu/ac) yield increase, despite tough growing conditions throughout the corn belt.


Limited quantities of Envita are available for the 2020 growing season. For more information, visit Azotic North America’s website.


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