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CENTURO nitrogen stabilizer now available in Canada

September 5, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

Koch Agronomic Services (Koch), based in Kansas, made CENTURO, their nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia, and UAN available in Canada for the fall season.

Koch representatives say the product will benefit growers of any nitrogen-using crop by allowing them to start anhydrous applications earlier in the fall.

“The primary reason growers will want to apply CENTURO is that it helps keep the nitrogen in the ammonium form three times longer than untreated ammonia,” said Dr. Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist for Koch in Canada. “With such a narrow window for anhydrous applications, being able to apply fall anhydrous ammonia earlier can make a big difference for farmers.”


With fall-applied anhydrous ammonia, the longer window of protection means growers can begin applying two to three weeks earlier than normal when soil temperatures are 15 C and dropping.

Multi-site studies show nitrogen use efficiency improved by 25 per cent

Research proves CENTURO keeps more nitrogen in the root zone which maximizes the availability of this valuable nutrient for crop uptake. In 12 replicated third-party studies conducted across four U.S. sites, data showed CENTURO improved nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) by up to 25 per cent. By improving NUE, Koch says growers can “minimize the inputs needed to produce the highest yield possible.”

The cited research was conducted by the University of Nebraska, University of Missouri and the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association under research trial financial support agreements with Koch Agronomic Services. However, the universities and institutions, as well as the individual researchers referenced, do not formally endorse the product and the results are still subject to vary on a number of factors such as environmental conditions.

4R Principles

As environmental stewardship becomes a necessity, fertilizer best management practices grow in importance too. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework, developed by Fertilizer Canada, helps growers minimize environmental concerns related to agriculture while maximizing their economic benefits. Part of that process is utilizing science-based best management practices to match nutrient supply with crop requirements, and nitrification inhibitors are an option that growers can choose to minimize nutrient losses from fields.

According to Koch, CENTURO supports 4R Nutrient Stewardship as its advanced technology helps the nitrogen to be in the right place, keeping the nutrient where the crop can best utilize it.

Easier to use and store

Koch boasts how CENTURO is easy-to-use and offers storage flexibility while providing operational efficiencies through its low freeze point, long shelf life and non-combustibility.

  • CENTURO will not freeze as long as temperatures remain above -23 C. The low freeze point allows more flexibility for storage options during the winter.
  • CENTURO is non-corrosive to the metals used in anhydrous and UAN equipment, so it does not need stainless steel tank storage and can be stored for up to two years without degrading. It’s also not hard on equipment, saving on down time caused by corrosion.
  • The product is also noncombustible, eliminating the need for explosion-proof equipment and special warehouse storage that other inhibitors may require.


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