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Anvol nitrogen stabilizer now available in Canada

August 26, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Anvol, a patented nitrogen stabilizer featuring Duromide from Koch Agronomic Services (Koch), is now available in Canada. Improving on Koch’s Agrotain nitrogen stabilizer, Anvol offers consistent performance across a wide range of soil environments with varying pH levels.

The difference between Anvol and Agrotain is Duromide – an active ingredient that combines with NBPT to extend nitrogen protection. With two active ingredients working in tandem, Anvol provides a longer duration of protection from nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization.

“Protecting applied nitrogen with a stabilizer is key to increasing nutrient loss efficiency,” says Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist for Koch in Canada.. “Duromide slows the hydrolysis of urea, allowing more time for fertilizer to be incorporated in order to increase yield potential.


“That extra time can make a big difference to growers, minimizing above-ground nitrogen loss when the rainfall we need doesn’t arrive soon enough.”

Duromide, designed as a more stable molecule, has added longevity that increases the opportunity for nitrogen to be moved into the soil and not lost to the environment through volatilization. This helps growers maximize nitrogen availability in their fields for a better return on investment and minimized environmental impact.

Anvol’s high active ingredient concentration enables:

  • A lower treatment rate;
  • More efficient coating operations;
  • Overall reduced labour demands.


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