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New UAN nitrogen stabilizer available in Canada

January 27, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Koch Agronomic Services (Koch) have released their Tribune nitrogen stabilizer for urea-ammonium nitrate solutions (UAN) in Canada. UAN can be vulnerable to nitrogen (N) loss, and Koch claims that Tribune protects against volatilization, denitrification and leaching that lead to loss of N.

“The best way to protect nitrogen is to keep it in its stable form longer,” said Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist for Koch in Canada. According to Koch, Tribune accomplishes this through NBPT and Pronitridine.

NBPT, also found in Koch’s Agrotain nitrogen stabilizer, is a urease inhibitor that protects against ammonia volatilization by blocking the hydrolysis of urea. Pronitridine is Koch’s patented formulation that they claim will slow the conversion time of ammonia, protecting nutrients from denitrification and leaching. Koch states that these two active ingredients increase protection against environmental nitrogen loss and keep more N available at the root zone.


According to Koch, using Tribune follows the recommendations of the 4R nutrient stewardship framework developed by Fertilizer Canada. They state that Tribune is non-volatile, will not separate or settle out and is tank-mix compatible with ammonium thiosulfate and many crop protection chemicals. As well, Koch asserts that it does not have to be incorporated within 10 days of the fertilizer application date, which would allow for more flexibility in UAN application.


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