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Scouting late summer pests

In Ontario there are a few pests to be concerned about before crops are harvested. OMAFRA's field crop team breaks down how to look for and treat Western bean cutworm, bean leaf beetle, stink and tarnished plant bugs in their latest crop report. 

August 13, 2018  By FieldCropNews

Some highlights from the crop report include:

  • Dry bean fields that are in the flowering to pod stages are most at risk now for Western bean cutworm.
  • For IP, food grade or seed soybeans, if 10 per cent of the pods on the plants have feed scars from bean leaf beetle on them during the R4 to early R6 stages, a spray is warranted.
  • For stink bugs and tarnished plant bugs, a sweep net is the best tool to assess the population of these fast moving pests. Tarnished plant bugs in particular prefer dry beans. 

For more scouting and treatment suggestions, including images, see the full crop report.



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