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Editorial: Celebrating soybeans

Small but mighty, soybeans are hard to overlook. Canadian farmers have been planting soybeans for more than 70 years, and their popularity continues to grow: producers in Canada planted 6.3 million acres in 2018, according to Statistics Canada, with Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan leading the way as the country’s largest-producing provinces.

August 13, 2018  By Stefanie Croley

New research and development has contributed to this growth, and we’re highlighting some of the latest soybean research in this instalment of our summer digital series. From breeding projects to management tips, Top Crop Manager Focus On: Soybeans highlights initiatives from across North America to provide you with more insight into the potential of this crop.

In our regular print issues, we don’t often get a chance to cover research happening outside of Canada, but we’ve highlighted a couple of different studies happening in the United States in this issue that you’ll no doubt find interesting. On page 3, Bruce Barker breaks down a study on best practices for strip till on soybeans, and results from Minnesota and North Dakota. And on page 12, you’ll read about what growers in Minnesota are doing to achieve record soybean crops. The secret, according to Seth Naeve, is a combination of reducing costs while maintaining yields.  

As always, we hope you can implement some of the tactics you read about among these pages to help your crop thrive. Don’t miss our final digital edition, Focus On: Herbicide Resistance (part 2), in September.



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