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New seed treatments and foliar fungicides

Just in time for the new crop year, a look at the new seed treatments and foliar fungicides and label updates for 2012, with product information provided by the manufactures.

Seed treatments

Apron XL label update
Active ingredient: mefenoxam and ipconazole
Groups 4 and 12
A lower rate of 2.7 mL per 100 kg of Apron XL is approved for use when tank mixed with the label rate of Rancona Apex on wheat, barley, oat and rye for domestic use in Canada to provide pythium protection along with all the disease claims of Rancona Apex. Apron XL applied alone is approved at higher rate on wheat and only for domestic use on oats, barley and rye. The rate of mefenoxam applied to seed in this tank mix is identical to seed loading of mefenoxam applied to seed with Dividend XL RTA. Rancona Apex is a micro-dispersion formulation having properties providing more ease in obtaining uniform application.
Belmont 2.7 FS
Active Ingredient: Metalaxyl
Belmont 2.7 FS from Chemtura is a fungicide seed treatment for use in alfalfa, trefoil, beans, canola, corn, chickpeas,  grasses, sugar beets, lentils, sanfoin, sorghum, soybeans,  sunflower and wheat, barley, oats and rye.  It controls pythium seed rot and damping off; hytophthora of soybean; and downy mildew of sunflower. It can be tank mix with Vitaflo 280 and Crown to provide pythium protection
Rancona 3.8 FS
Active ingredient: ipconazole
Group 3 fungicide
Rancona 3.8 FS from Chemtura provides seed rot, pre-emergence damping off and seedling blight control of rhizoctonia and fusarium of canola. Can be used with Helix XTra and Prosper FX to elevate the level of disease protection.

Prosper EverGol
Active ingredient:  Clothianidin (Group 4 insecticide), Metalaxyl (Group 4 fungicide), Trifloxystrobin (Group 11 fungicide) and Penflufen (Group 7 fungicide)
Prosper EverGol  from BASF provides an enhancement in canola seed and seedling protection.  The new active ingredient penflufen, provides superior control of the most important seedling disease, rhizoctonia solani, and has proven to increase yields by over four percent compared to standard seed treatments.  Prosper EverGol will be launched in spring 2012 and will be widely available in 2013.

Foliar fungicides

Active ingredient: pyraclostrobin and metconazole
Group 3 and Group 11
Twinline from BASF combines Headline and Caramba fungicides to offer dual modes of action for superior leaf disease control on cereals. With Headline chemistry, Twinline provides AgCelence plant health benefits for better harvestability and higher yield potential. Twinline is registered on wheat, barley and oats to control a broad range of cereal leaf diseases, including tan spot, septoria leaf spot, leaf rust, stripe rust, spot blotch, net blotch, scald, crown rust and powdery mildew.

Active Ingredient: penthiopyrad
Group 7
Vertisan from DuPont provides growers with a powerful new tool for managing sclerotinia in canola. Vertisan contains the new active ingredient penthiopyrad, a next-generation SDHI fungicide, that provides superior protection against key plant diseases. It is classified as a Group 7 fungicide and has a brand new molecule that locks onto the fungus to stop disease in its tracks. Registered in canola for control of sclerotinia stem rot; sunflowers for control of sclerotinia head rot and rust; pulse crops for control of ascochyta blight and grey mould; and potatoes for control of early blight and rhizoctonia.

Overall 240SC  
Active ingredient: iprodione
Group 2 Fungicide
Product Name (active ingredient);
Overall 240 SC from MANA Canada controls sclerotinia stem rot and alternaria black spot in canola, at a fair price.

Bumper label update
Active ingredient: proiconazole
Group 3 fungicide.
Label updated to include half rate in cereal crops as a preventative treatment (80 acres per jug).

Nufarm Propiconazole
Active ingredient: Propiconazole
Group 3 fungicide
Nufarm Propiconazole fungicide provides broad spectrum disease control in cereals, corn, canola and beans.

Quilt label update
Active ingredient: azoxystrobin Group 11 and propiconazole Group 3
In soybean, frogeye leaf spot (Cercospora sojina) added to the label for 2012. Make the first application of Quilt at growth stage R3 (early pod set) and 14 days later at approximately growth stage R5.

Allegro label update
Active ingredient: fluazinam
Group 29
New rate range of 0.6-1.0 L/ha registered on edible-podded legume vegetables (except pea) and dry shelled beans for control of white mold (sclerotinia sclerotiorum). For control of white mold make the first application at 10 to 30% bloom (e.g. when 10 to 30 percent of the plants have at least one (1) open bloom).  If needed, a second application may be applied 7 to 10 days later.  Under conditions favorable for severe disease development use the higher rate.

May 8, 2012  By Bruce Barker

New registrations include fungicides for cereal leaf disease control. Just in time for the new crop year


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