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New seed treatments, foliar fungicides, insecticides

A look at the new seed treatments, foliar fungicides, insecticides and label updates for 2016, with product information provided by the manufacturers.

Seed treatments
Apron Maxx with Intego:
[fludioxonil (Group 4) metalaxyl-m (Group 12) and ethaboxam (Group 22)]. A new seed treatment co-pack solution for peas, lentils and chickpeas that offers control of seed- and soil-borne diseases caused by Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia, along with suppression of Aphanomyces root rot and root rot caused by phytophthora.

Consensus L seed treatment: [indole-3-butyric acid, salicylic acid, chitosan]. A unique pulse seed treatment designed to promote early germination and quicker root development; for use on lentils, peas and soybeans. This product may be applied by commercial seed treaters as a water-based slurry through standard slurry or mist-type commercial seed treatment equipment.

Deflect: [tebuconazole (Group 3) and metalaxyl (Group 4)]. A multiple mode of action fungicide. It controls certain seed-, seedling- and soil-borne diseases of wheat, barley and oats, including loose smut, seedling blight caused by seed-borne Fusarium spp. and damping-off caused by Pythium spp.

Insure Pulse: [metalaxyl (Group 4), xemium (Group 7) and pyraclostrobin (Group 11)]. For multiple mode of action, broad spectrum control of key seed- and soil-borne diseases. With the active ingredient xemium and its unique mobility characteristics, Insure Pulse is the first truly systemic pulse fungicide seed treatment to be offered to western Canadian pulse and flax growers. Insure Pulse also offers AgCelence benefits for more consistent and increased germination and emergence, including under cold conditions, enhanced seedling vigour above and below ground, and an enhanced ability to manage exposure to environmental stresses. Insure Pulse is available in a ready to use formulation.

Rancona Pinnacle: [ipconazole (Group 3) and metalaxyl (Group 4)]. A new seed treatment that combines two different modes of action for contact and systemic activity for broad spectrum disease control in wheat, barley, oat, rye and triticale. This unique combination of ipconazole and metalaxyl fungicides control both seed- and soil-borne diseases such as Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Cochliobolus, smuts, and bunts, improving stand establishment while protecting the yield potential of the crop.

Sombrero: [imidacloprid (Group 4)]. A highly effective seed treatment insecticide providing broad spectrum control of above and below ground pests. As the plant grows, systemic action transports Sombrero throughout the developing stem and leaves, ensuring lasting insect control, giving the crop the defense to grow to its potential. Registered for on-farm use in wheat (spring, winter and durum), barley, oats and soybeans, and by commercial treaters in canola, mustard and corn.

Foliar fungicides
[azoxystrobin (Group 11) and aenzovindiflupyr - trade name Solatenol - (Group 7)]. A new dual mode of action fungicide for use on pulse crops, including chickpeas, field peas and lentils. Elatus provides excellent preventative activity on major pulse diseases, such as ascochyta blight, anthracnose and mycosphaerella blight. Elatus offers one convenient, targeted rate across all pulse crops, with one case treating up to 40 acres by ground or aerial application.

Evito: [fluoxastrobin (Group 11)]. A new foliar fungicide applied to wheat, barley, potato, corn and soybean. Evito is a systemic, strobilurin fungicide that enters the plant quickly providing reliable disease protection against major leaf diseases. Evito, combined with its excellent disease control, low use rate and concentrated formulation, provides the grower with an efficient and effective fungicide for foliar application.

Exempla: [difenoconazole (Group 3) and azoxystrobin (Group 11)]. A new dual mode of action fungicide for use on canola. Exempla provides preventative and curative activity on sclerotinia stem rot, alternaria black spot and blackleg. Exempla is available in a convenient, pre-mix formulation and features a single use rate for sclerotinia, along with flexible application timing from 20 to 50 per cent flowering.

Lance AG: [boscalid (Group 7) with pyraclostrobin (Group 11)]. Delivers enhanced performance including control of sclerotinia and other late season diseases in canola, pulses and alfalfa for seed production. Research shows Lance AG also delivers the unique AgCelence benefits, including enhancing the plant’s ability to better manage minor stress during the critical flowering period, often resulting in reduced flower blasting, increased photosynthesis and increased yield potential.

Orondis Ultra: [mandipropamid (Group 40) and oxathiapiprolin (Group U15)]. A new fungicide that provides an unprecedented 21 days of preventative, residual late blight (Phytophthora infestans) control in potatoes. Orondis Ultra features the new active ingredient, oxathiapiprolin, which penetrates the leaf surface and moves within the plant to protect existing and new growth. In addition to potatoes, Orondis Ultra can be used on various vegetable crops to control oomycete diseases.

Quash: [metconazole (Group 3)]. A flexible fungicide for use on canola, chickpea, dry bean, field pea, lentil, potato and sunflower. It provides effective overall plant protection by quickly moving through the cuticle of the plant and by providing residual activity. It delivers protection from sclerotinia in canola, as well as several diseases in pulse crops. Quash is now registered for excellent control of sclerotinia in canola over a full rate range from 56 to 85 g/ac, giving growers and agronomists the opportunity to tailor their level of application to the level of risk in their fields.

Topnotch: [azoxystrobin (Group 11) and propiconazole (Group 3)]. A new xylem mobile fungicide that provides preventative and curative protection from a broad spectrum of diseases, including rusts, tan spot, septoria, scald and net blotch. Registered for use in wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale. Topnotch is tank-mixable with numerous herbicides and insecticides.

Label updates
Prosaro 250 EC:
[prothioconazole (Group 3) and tebuconazole (Group 3)]. Now registered for use on oat to control crown rust, stem rust, stagonospora leaf blotch and black stem.

Voliam Xpress [lambda-cyhalothrin (Group 3) and chlorantraniliprole (Group 28)]. An insecticide for use on canola, Voliam Xpress delivers fast knock down of pests followed by residual control in order to control pests at varying lifecycles. Voliam Xpress can be applied by ground or air when insect pests begin to build, but before they reach economically damaging levels.


April 7, 2016  By Ken Sapsford

New seed treatments are providing more options for seedling disease control. A look at the new seed treatments


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