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New seed treatments, foliar fungicides and insecticides

With the 2017 growing season upon us, here’s a look at the latest seed treatments, foliar fungicides and label updates. Product information is provided to Top Crop Manager by the manufacturers.

April 20, 2017  By Blair McClinton P.Ag.

Seed treatments
Intego Solo (ethaboxam, Group 22) is now fully registered for field peas and sunflower crops. Intego Solo is the only seed treatment available to protect field crops from Aphanomyces root rot. Also, Intego Solo provides control of Phytophthora root rot in soybeans (caused by Phytophthora sojae) and controls several common species of Pythium not controlled by metalaxyl alone. The full registration on field peas also includes the removal of feeding restrictions for crop residue.

Trilex EverGol + Stress Shield [penflufen (fungicide Group 7), trifloxystrobin (fungicide Group 11), metalaxyl (fungicide Group 4) + imidacloprid (insecticide Group 4A)]. Trilex EverGol Shield is a complete fungicide and insecticide seed treatment containing two small jugs of Trilex EverGol and one 6.25 litre jug of Stress Shield. It has exceptional disease protection plus pea leaf weevil and wireworm control in pulses. It is ideal for on-farm treating or for smaller batches towards the end of the treating season.

Visivio [sulfoxaflor (insecticide Group 4C), thiamethoxam (insecticide Group 4A), difenoconazole (fungicide Group 3), metalaxyl-M (fungicide Group 4), fludioxonil (fungicide Group 12) and sedaxane (fungicide Group 7)]. Visivio is a new canola seed treatment from Syngenta that represents the next evolution of flea beetle control for canola growers. It is a comprehensive seed treatment that controls both striped and crucifer flea beetles as well as seed- and soilborne diseases.


Foliar fungicides
Cotegra [boscalid (Group 7) and prothioconazole (Group 3)] represents a new era in Sclerotinia management, combining two leading actives in a convenient liquid pre-mix. Cotegra is registered for canola, peas, lentils, chickpeas, dry beans and soybeans.

Elixir [mancozeb (Group M3) and chlorothalonil (Group M5)] is a dry flowable, multi-site, protectant fungicide specifically designed for potato crops. When applied at the beginning of a disease management program, Elixir controls both early and late blight. Elixir is an effective and economical option for potato protection with very low risk of building resistance.

Hornet (tebuconazole, Group 3), Nufarm’s new foliar fungicide, contains a proprietary brand of tebuconazole in a 432 grams per litre SC formulation. It is registered for use on barley, oats, spring, durum and winter wheat. Hornet protects cereal crops from Fusarium head blight, and leaf, stem and stripe rust. Hornet also has activity on septoria leaf blotch, tan spot, net blotch, spot blotch, scald, powdery mildew, crown rust and septoria glume blotch.

Trivapro [propiconazole (Group 3), benzovindiflupyr (Group 7) and azoxystrobin (Group 11)] is the first foliar fungicide to combine three powerful active ingredients and three modes of action to provide preventative, curative and long-lasting residual leaf disease control for cereal growers. Key diseases in barley include scald and net blotch, as well as diseases such as tan spot, septoria and rusts in wheat.

Label updates
Acapela (picoxystrobin, Group 11) foliar fungicide controls many key diseases in all major crops, including canola, corn, soybeans, pulses and cereals. Check the label for a complete list of diseases it controls. Acapela is now registered to control anthracnose in dry beans and anthracnose and ascochyta blight in lentils.

Vibrance Maxx with Intego [fludioxonil (Group 12), metalaxyl-M (Group 4), Sedaxane (Group 7) and ethaboxam (Group 22)] seed treatment is a convenient co-pack that offers broad spectrum seed- and soilborne disease control in pulse crops, including early season protection against Aphanomyces root rot.

Vibrance Maxx RFC [fludioxonil (Group 12), metalaxyl-M (Group 4), and sedaxane (Group 7)] seed treatment is now available in a new pre-mixed rhizobia-friendly concentrated formulation. Vibrance Maxx RFC is registered for use in soybeans, peas, chickpeas, lentils and fababeans.


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