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New broadleaf herbicide solution for Canadian wheat and barley farmers

March 20, 2024  By Top Crop Manager

Corteva Agriscience has expanded its cereal herbicide portfolio in Canada with the launch of Extinguish™ XL herbicide, a new solution to combat broadleaf weeds for wheat and barley farmers in Western Canada’s Black and Grey soil zones.

Equipped with multiple modes of action, Extinguish XL herbicide is a pre-formulated, all-in-one application that delivers control of tough weeds like cleavers, dandelion, round-leaved mallow, stork’s-bill and narrow-leaved hawk’s beard across variable climatic conditions.

Extinguish XL herbicide can be applied from the two-leaf stage to just before the emergence of the flag leaf. This wide application window, combined with its effectiveness across various temperature and moisture conditions, makes Extinguish XL herbicide a flexible solution to control broadleaf weeds.


The new herbicide will be available at select retail locations ahead of the 2024 growing season.


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