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New FMC Canada herbicide targets kochia and broadleaf weeds

January 9, 2024  By Top Crop Manager

FMC Canada has launched its new Authority Strike™ herbicide, a pre-emergent that delivers two Group 14 modes of action.


“The two actives are both Group 14, but they perform differently,” says Jordan Brisebois, FMC Canada’s Gravelbourg, Sask.-based product manager for extended weed control products. “Carfentrazone delivers a quick burnoff. Then, sulfentrazone provides effective and extended control of key broadleaf weeds. Together, they are a complete solution.”



As Brisebois explains, Authority Strike™ herbicide is registered for wheat (spring and durum), flax, chickpea, mustard, field pea, fababean, soybean and sunflower. The product is an especially strong tool for kochia, allowing growers to target the weed with a fast burnoff followed by extended control to keep flushing kochia at bay.


Beyond kochia, it is also highly effective on other tough broadleaf weeds such as lamb’s-quarters, pigweed, Russian thistle, wild buckwheat and waterhemp. Authority Strike herbicide can be tank-mixed with glyphosate.


Authority Strike™ herbicide can be applied before or up to three days after seeding. Depending on their soil type and weed spectrum, growers can choose from two rates, 40 or 28 acres per jug.


“Volatile spring conditions can make it difficult for growers to carry out their weed control plans,” says Brisebois. “Authority Strike™ herbicide allows growers to target weeds two distinct ways with one pass over the field, so they can get their spring weed control done with confidence. Spray once, strike twice.”


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