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Batalium herbicide approved for use on Canadian wheat

May 15, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency granted approval of UPL’s Batalium herbicide for use in Canadian wheat production to control weeds in spring, durum and winter wheat.

The Batalium herbicide formulation combines four active ingredients: flucarbazone-sodium, an effective Group 2 herbicide, with fluroxypyr and MCPA (Group 4) and bromoxynil (Group 6) – making the herbicide a valuable resistance management tool.

The cross-spectrum herbicide provides control of tough grasses in wheat, while also eliminating a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds, in one application. The herbicide can be used in a variety of herbicide layering and crop rotation programs for control of a vast array of broadleaf weeds such as common lambsquarters, wild buckwheat, kochia, cleavers, volunteer canola and others. The product also provides control of hard-to-kill grasses, such as wild oat and green foxtail. In addition, the herbicide is also tank-mixable with MCPA Ester 600 for additional control of hemp-nettle.


The application of Batalium can be made to the crop from the 2-leaf stage up to 6-leaf stage or a maximum of four leaves on the main stem, plus two tillers.

Growers looking for more information can find more about Batalium online.


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