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Making cybersecurity part of your farm management plan

March 5, 2024
By Top Crop Manager


With more and more digital agricultural tools on the farm – whether guiding or driving the tractor, tracking finances or prices, or optimizing conditions in a barn – cybersecurity management should be on your radar, no matter the size of your operation. Just like you would manage any new pest, you should add cybersecurity to your toolbox.

Janos Botschner, lead investigator of cyber security capacity in Canadian agriculture with the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA), wants to ensure Canada’s farmers are informed and prepared for cyber threats. In this episode of Inputs, he discusses the current risk situation, the bad actors at play, and some approaches to cyber preparedness and resilience (as well as resources available) that farmers should keep in mind.

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Show notes

Support for this episode provided by Gowan Canada.

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