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IWCA series: Cheryle Warkentine

July 8, 2024
By Kaitlin Berger
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In our latest episode of the Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture podcast series, we speak to Cheryle Warkentine, Co-Owner of Aletta Holsteins.

Warkentine has been a driving force in modernizing and expanding her family’s farm, which includes dairy cattle, hogs, and laying hens.

Her innovative approach and dedication to sustainable farming practices have significantly enhanced the efficiency and productivity of the operation.

Beyond the farm, Warkentine is a pillar of her community. She manages sports teams, serves on her church’s leadership team, and initiates various volunteer programs, demonstrating her commitment to giving back.

In this episode of AgAnnex Talks, Warkentine, one of the 2024 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture, speaks with Canadian Poultry editor Brett Ruffell about her journey in agriculture, the challenges and rewards of running a diversified farm, the importance of innovation, and her extensive community involvement.

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Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science Canada, platinum sponsor of the 2024 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program, for sponsoring this series.