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MPSG On-Farm Network releases 2020 research trial results

January 11, 2021  By Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers

The 2020 results of the 56 on-farm research trials conducted in partnership between Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers’ On-Farm Network (OFN) and its participating farmers have been released.

With the intention of ensuring the results of this unbiased and farmer-guided approach to research is as accessible and valuable as possible to Manitoba’s growers, the information has been released in a variety of formats, including as short, easy-to-consume videos. In addition, and for the first time since the program’s inception, this year’s OFN results package contains a brief economic analysis for each trial.

“From investigating a novel curiosity to testing product efficacy and validating agronomic management practices, the OFN supports farmer decision making,” says Megan Bourns, OFN agronomist. “Creating the opportunity for meaningful, unbiased, home-grown science to take place in your fields on your farm, the OFN answers the questions that are important for your operation. We are passionate about bringing participatory, precise and proactive research to the farm.”


The videos related to the results of the 2020 OFN trials can be viewed here:

The full and searchable OFN database can be viewed here:

MPSG’s On-Farm Network is characterized in part by its commitment to work with participating farmers to draw as much value as possible from its trials, looking beyond bushels or pounds per acre to determine the agronomic outcomes/implications that drive yield differences between treatments. OFN investigates a variety of agronomic questions and is always open to new ideas, new questions and new participants.

“This program is for farmers, by farmers, and we need farmer-input to make sure it stays relevant and applicable to decisions faced on the farm today,” sBourns says.

The 2020 OFN research-results booklet, which also includes information and results pertaining to trials conducted by Manitoba Crop Alliance, is available here:


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