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Herbicide that helps control wild oats approved for additional crops

September 22, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Gowan Canada has received approval for the addition of new crops, chickpea and lentil to the Avadex MicroActiv label providing an important tool for controlling wild oats.

Avadex MicroActiv is a residual pre-emergent herbicide that can be applied in the fall or spring and used in conventional or direct seeding systems, accommodating any type of production system.

“Already a cornerstone wild oat management solution for spring and durum wheat, barley, canola, canary seed, mustards, peas and flax, this addition provides more growers the means to combat wild oat populations resistant to Group 1 and 2 modes of action in select fields,” says Dale Ziprick, product manager for Avadex brands.


“Gowan Canada is a partner for herbicide resistant weed management and will continue to seek out and bring forward agronomically sound solutions that provide producers with a long-term approach for sustainable crop production.”


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