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Gowan Canada introduces a new herbicide for canola and lentil growers

July 18, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

Gowan Canada launched a new herbicide, Edge MicroActiv, for weed control in canola, lentils and other broadleaf crops.

The new herbicide contains the active ingredient ethalfluralin, a Group 3 mode of action herbicide that controls weeds (such as kochia), which are resistant to other herbicides. In addition to controlling resistant weeds, the herbicide is broad-spectrum, controlling many important weeds plaguing growers in Western and Eastern Canada.

“Edge MicroActiv provides canola, pea, and lentil growers an opportunity to stay ahead of resistant weeds by using an alternative mode of action in their herbicide programs. In addition, Edge MicroActiv is an easier-to-use formulation and treats more acres pound for pound than Edge Granular, reducing storage space and treating more acres per bag,” said Jacque Palmer, COO of Gowan Company, in a statement.


The MicroActiv formulation is a tested technology that has been used in other herbicides like Avadex and Fortress. Garth Render, Gowan Canada manager, said that growers can have peace of mind knowing they are working with a formulation that has been tested and used on thousands of acres prior to its inclusion in the Edge herbicides.


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