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DuPont Pioneer launches new canola hybrids

July 22, 2015, Saskatoon, SK - DuPont Pioneer has launched new canola hybrids under the Pioneer Protector brand for growers in Western Canada. The company says the new canola hybrids will help improve yield and protect canola crops against sclerotinia, clubroot and pod shatter.

"Under the Pioneer Protector brand, we will offer canola hybrids with built-in protection for the 2016 growing season, with proven higher yields," says Greg Stokke, DuPont Pioneer business director, Western Canada. "Pioneer brand canola hybrids with the Pioneer Protector HarvestMax technology gives growers the flexibility they need at harvest, so growers can delay swathing or reduce risks if straight-combining the crop as agronomic situation dictates."

In a news release, the company states new canola hybrids with the Pioneer Protector PLUS technology offers resistance to both sclerotinia and clubroot, all in one convenient, high-yielding package. As well, they state the new canola hybrid with the Pioneer Protector HarvestMax technology is the first-ever Genuity Roundup Ready technology canola hybrid with improved reduction of pod shatter.


July 23, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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