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Canola industry launches campaign to support trade and market access

July 21, 2015 - Today, the Canola Council of Canada (CCC) launched the #CanolaCountry campaign to showcase the impact of canola across Canada and benefits of international trade. Canadians working in the canola industry, including seed developers, growers, processors, exporters and beyond, are joining in this effort to share the personal and community impact of canola, benefits of increased market access and positive impact that an ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would have on Canola Country.

"Through the #CanolaCountry campaign, we are helping Canadians understand what canola means to our prosperity, livelihoods and communities across Canada," says Patti Miller, president of the CCC. "We are inviting Canadians living and working in Canola Country to share what canola's success means to them at and on Twitter, using the hashtag #CanolaCountry."

The new website is the central part of the campaign, containing information on canola, the benefits of market access and the TPP, user-submitted photos from across Canada on what #CanolaCountry means to them, as well as a video of Canola Country from its heartland.

"With more than 90 per cent of Canadian canola being exported, we need access to international markets for Canola Country to thrive," says Miller. "Whether it's seed, oil or meal, access to markets means growth, jobs and opportunity — and that's a good thing for communities across Canola Country."

Market access allows the Canadian canola industry to earn the most value for our canola exports and capitalize on the world's growing appetite for healthier oils and protein. This requires continuing to work closely with government to establish stable, open trade relationships and ensuring that the quality and production practices of our canola meet the requirements of our export markets.

Some key facts highlighted on the website include:

  • More than 90 per cent of Canadian canola is exported as seed, oil or meal.
  • The canola industry generates $19.3 billion in economic activity annually for Canada, including a quarter million jobs and $12.5 billion in wages to people working across the industry. That's why market access matters.
  • The TPP is a pivotal opportunity for canola. After seven years of negotiations, it could:
    • Remove tariffs on canola oil and meal in key export markets such as Japan and Vietnam;
    • Improve science-based rules for biotechnology;
    • Implement more predictable sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
  • Immediately eliminating tariffs on canola oil and meal could increase Canada's exports by up to $780 million per year, about one million tonnes of oil and meal.

The Canola Council of Canada is a full value chain organization representing canola growers, processors, life science companies and exporters. Keep it Coming 2025 is the strategic plan to ensure the canola industry's continued growth, demand, stability and success – achieving 52 bushels per acre to meet global market demand of 26 million metric tonnes by the year 2025.



July 22, 2015  By News release


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