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New corn hybrids from DuPont Pioneer

Feb. 3, 2014, Canada – DuPont Pioneer has introduced two new Pioneer brand corn hybrids with the brown midrib (BMR) trait for 2014 in Canada. These new products are meant to offer the traits growers expect from BMR hybrids with strong agronomics in a broader range of maturities.

DuPont Pioneer says its researchers expanded overall BMR breeding efforts by starting a new program with the goal of developing unique inbred parent lines and hybrids expressing the BMR trait, according to a company press release. "They looked for lines that demonstrated BMR forage quality along with performance stability, excellent yield, and agronomic strengths such as root-lodging resistance and standability for ease of harvest," the release says.

The new hybrids are:

P0783XR — 107-day BMR silage hybrid with excellent fiber digestibility, tall plants, good roots and a good leaf disease resistance rating.

P1180XR — 111-day maturity BMR silage hybrid that flowers early for a wide area of adaptation, including northern growing areas. It features excellent stand emergence and establishment, plus good disease tolerance.

The new BMR products all include the Herculex XTRA, LibertyLinkand Roundup Ready Corn 2 traits for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance. 

DuPont Pioneer says BMR corn hybrids have 10 percent to 25 per cent less lignin in the stalk’s fiber, which results in improved digestibility, increasing the feed intake of dairy and beef cattle. 

February 3, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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