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DuPont Pioneer introduces new corn hybrids, soybean varieties

July 22, 2015, Saskatoon, SK - DuPont Pioneer today launched six new corn hybrids, including three ultra-early maturity corn hybrids, and one new soybean variety for Western Canada.

Corn lineup highlights:

  • The six new Pioneer brand corn hybrids range from 2000 Heat Units (70 Comparative Relative Maturity or CRM) - the earliest-maturing corn in Western Canada - up to 2600 Heat Units (85 CRM).
  • These hybrids have high yield potential across the board and they have traits ranging from disease resistance to pest protection, and stacked herbicide tolerance.

Soybean lineup highlights

  • Five ultra-early Pioneer brand T-Series soybean varieties - suited to as little as 2300 Heat Units (Maturity Group 001) are available for 2016 - offering excellent yield potential.
  • New Pioneer variety P006T78R is at 2425 Heat Units (Maturity Group 006) and offers excellent yield potential and harvest standability.
  • All of the Pioneer brand soybean varieties are glyphosate-tolerant with one variety having the Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait.

For more information on DuPont Pioneer corn and soybean lineups, contact your local Pioneer sales professional.


July 23, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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