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DuPont Pioneer launching 11 new soybean varieties in Canada

Jan. 31, 2013, Chatham, ON – DuPont Pioneer is releasing a new series of Pioneer brand soybean products. The new line of soybean products – named the T Series – includes 39 new products for North America.

Eleven soybean varieties will be available to Canadian growers in limited quantities for planting in 2013, pending variety registration. Of these varieties, 10 will carry the Roundup Ready gene and one the LibertyLink gene. Two new T Series varieties feature an ultra early maturity which will help expand soybean acres to new geographies in Western Canada. The first Pioneer brand variety with the LibertyLink trait for the Canadian market will be available for southwestern Ontario, providing growers an option to help manage their herbicide resistance strategy.

To distinguish the new T Series varieties, Pioneer initiated a new soybean product numbering system similar to the current nomenclature used for Pioneer brand corn products. The new system will use key identifiers, enabling growers to easily determine maturity and technologies. T Series soybean varieties will be denoted with the letter T in the middle of the product number.


January 31, 2013  By Janet Kanters


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