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If you’re looking to maximize yield and disease protection (and who isn’t?), Bayer fungicides are your first choice. No matter what you’re growing. No matter where you’re growing it. One thing is clear. Applying a Bayer fungicide can help deliver increased quality, increased yield and most importantly, a bigger return on your investment. It’s Grow Time™.

This year, we’re proud to bring you some innovative new solutions to help you manage your toughest production challenges and boost your return on investment.

Proline GOLD
Proline® GOLD offers our best level of protection in high disease pressure situations against the most serious canola disease, sclerotinia. Two modes of action work in synergy to help provide exceptional yields and excellent disease protection. Along with exceptional sclerotinia protection, Proline GOLD is an easy-to-use liquid formation that provides systemic and contact protection for both immediate and extended results.

The newest addition to our cereal fungicide family is here. TilMOR. Is the perfect choice for cereal growers who want a little flexibility. That’s because TilMOR works great as both a T2 application for protecting against leaf diseases or as a T3 application against fusarium head blight. With TilMOR, it’s a win, win for your cereals.

Results are in for the 2020 Trials
For more than a decade, we’ve conducted hundreds of replicated field scale trials across Canada with our partner growers. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you get a good sense of what to expect from your fungicide application. Whether the season is wet or dry, your fields have heavy or low disease pressure and regardless of where you farm; you can trust the accuracy and testing of Bayer fungicides.

Visit to check out years’ worth of fungicide trial results as you make your fungicide decisions this year. You’ll find concise crop-by-crop summaries, individual trial location results and an ROI calculator to help as you formulate your fungicide plans and get the most out of your fungicide dollar.

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