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Family-owned company manufactures innovation since end of 19th century

Founded in the 19th century, Lallemand Inc. began its journey by providing raw materials for the baking industry. In 1915 company founder Fred Lallemand built a production plant on Préfontaine Street in Montreal, Canada – the first plant to produce baker’s yeast – which is still operational today.

Throughout the 20th century the company became a key producer of baker’s yeast and began exploring additional global markets with yeast, bacteria and biological products in sectors like brewing, health solutions, animal nutrition, and agriculture.

In the search for novel markets and industries that could benefit from Lallemand’s technologies, the company started the Plant Care division in the mid-2000s. Today, Lallemand Plant Care has grown to be a global leader in the development, production and marketing of biological plant protection, biostimulants and biofertilization products that improve productivity and plant vitality.

It’s this focus that led the company to develop their custom engineered spherical granular inoculant for pulses and soybeans. The new inoculant contains two new high-performing strains of rhizobium which are highly efficient for nitrogen fixation, along with a new and unique rhizobium carrier which helps preserve and protect the rhizobium incredibly well and over longer periods of time. This new granule inoculant is a game-changer for the pulse and soybean producer and offers a great new experience for producers when it comes to product handling, application and overall performance.

“At Lallemand Plant Care we are focused on biological science and we strive to bring new and innovative microbial crop solutions to customers while setting a higher standard in the inoculant and biological market,” says Scott Gray, Commercial Manager Canada, Lallemand Plant Care. “We have a dedicated team of over 100+ researchers committed to ensuring our products are sustainable and allow crops to thrive naturally with bacteria that increase soil health, productivity and add value for the customer.”

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