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At Syngenta, we know plants are essential for life. They renew the earth’s resources and provide food, oxygen, fuel, shelter, clothing and medicine. That’s why we are passionately focused on Bringing Plant Potential to Life®.

We pride ourselves on offering integrated crop solutions, from expert agronomic advice and best management practices to cutting-edge technology and scientific innovation designed to help Canadian growers produce robust yields and high-quality crops.

Syngenta Canada has headquarters in Guelph, Ontario, with a western office in Calgary, Alberta, and several research farms and other sites at various locations around the country. The Canadian team is over 280 people strong, supporting products and services that span the country’s major crops, including potatoes.

Meet Miravis®: A simply powerful family of fungicides

Miravis® brand fungicides from Syngenta are formulated with ADEPIDYN® (Group 7 fungicide) to deliver power, spectrum and stamina for protection against a broad spectrum of diseases in a range of crops, including cereals, canola, pulses and corn.

Get to know the Miravis® family

Miravis® Ace provides strong, consistent protection from Fusarium head blight (FHB) in spring, winter and durum wheat. It helps prevent FHB infection, reducing the production of mycotoxins such as deoxynivalenol (DON) that can limit your grain’s end uses and marketing potential. It also delivers outstanding control of several key leaf diseases.

Photo taken in Clinton, ON, on July 19, 2019.


Miravis® Bold lets you start earlier and protect more canola acres against Sclerotinia. It performs consistently even under heavy Sclerotinia pressure to help maximize yield in the face of this destructive disease and offers the widest application window in the market.

Miravis® Neo pulse fungicide is the first to combine three modes of action in one powerful product. It delivers unprecedented power, spectrum and stamina plus built-in resistance management. Miravis® Neo can also be applied early to deliver full preventative protection throughout the infection period, helping growers achieve a stronger, healthier crop with improved standability for a quick win come harvest.

Photo taken by WestGreen Agronomy in Waldheim, SK, on August 16, 2020.


Miravis® Neo in corn provides unmistakably powerful protection against the broadest range of corn diseases. It delivers best-in-class foliar disease control from pre-tassel through to tassel, and suppresses Fusarium and Gibberella, which can lead to production of harmful mycotoxins like DON. Miravis® Neo is an all-in-one, flexible fungicide that helps protect yield and quality in corn.

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