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Some Manitoba crops enter extended seeding period

May 31, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

Seeding season in the Prairies is currently underway, with all three Prairie provinces reporting weather-related challenges and falling behind the five-year averages for progress to varying degrees. For the week ending May 24, the province of Manitoba was only at 10 per cent completion, well behind the five-year average of 77 per cent for comparable weeks.

Now, as of May 31, some key crops have entered their extended seeding period, meaning crops seeded within these days will be eligible for AgriInsurance coverage, but at a reduced coverage level from the full coverage they would receive if seeded by the initial deadline.

The following crops are now in their extended seeding period, which will span from May 31 to June 4:

  • Silage corn, Area 2;
  • Grain corn, Areas 2, 3, 4;
  • Open pollinated area corn, Area 1; and
  • Lentil, Area 1.

Most other crops have yet to reach their initial seeding deadline. However, some, such as grain corn in Area 1 and dry edible beans in Areas 2, 3 and the insurance testing area, will reach their seeding deadline soon – June 6.

For a full list of deadlines and map of seeding areas, click here.


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