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Corn and soybean crop insurance deadlines extended in Ontario

Corn and soybean planting deadlines have been extended two and five days respectively in response to wet weather in southwest and eastern regions of Ontario.

June 7, 2019  By Stephanie Gordon

Agricorp, the crop insurance provider of Ontario, has extended the production insurance planting deadlines for corn and soybeans for some regions of Ontario in response to difficult planting conditions across the province.

Wet, cool weather in some parts of the province, mostly southwestern and eastern Ontario, have left fields unfit for planting and delayed seeding. At the end of May, corn planting progress was estimated to be less than 50 per cent complete across the province, and soybean planting was estimated to be less than five per cent complete.

Decisions to extend planting deadlines for production insurance require approval from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). Agricorp stated that after assessing the risks and consulting with industry, they will be extending the planting deadlines for corn, soybeans and coloured and white beans in select regions.


The planting deadline for select regions has been extended by two to five days as a result of wet weather. Chart courtesy of Agricorp.

In southwestern and eastern Ontario, the planting deadline for corn extends by two days and the deadline for soybeans extends by five days. The planting deadline for coloured and white beans also extends by five days, but includes Area E which encompasses Northern Ontario, the districts of Algoma, Cochrane, Kenora, Manitoulin, Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Rainy River, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Temiskaming, and the county of Haliburton.

Planting deadline defined areas are developed through consultations, consideration of available crop heat units, and historical and geographic data. Photo courtesy of Agricorp.

Agricorp also extended planting date deadlines for a variety of other crops such as canola, oat, barley, spring wheat and seed corn by five days. The full list of planting extensions for production insurance is available online and extended planting dates are highlighted in yellow.

In order to keep producers informed, over the coming weeks Agricorp customers may receive a number of short automated email and phone messages from Agricorp. Agricorp explained that each message is different and each customer is encouraged to listen to, or read, each message. The calls and messages are done in effort to keep producers informed of planting extensions and important upcoming dates.

In addition to Agricorp, other programs can help. Ontario producers still have time to enrol in the Agristability program, where the deadline has been extended until July 2 as a result of the China-canola trade dispute.


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