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Solinftec to expand new ag robotics platform into Canada

May 31, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

Solinftec will expand the launch of its AgTech robotic platform, Solix Ag Robotics, into Canada through a partnership with Stone Farms and the University of Saskatchewan.

Solinftec’s technology aims to provide both farmers and agronomists with detailed data that will help them increase yields, improve the usage of inputs, lower their environmental impact and more. Stone Farms will serve as a host farm for the new robot. Solinftec will run the robot at multiple farms, including the Davidson-based Stone Farms, aiming to adapt the tech to the specific needs of Canadian growers and improve its algorithm for identifying weeds. The robotic device can scan for crop health and nutrition, disease, insects and weeds, and can monitor the entire field’s ecosystem. Solinftec’s Solix Ag Robotics is integrated with the company’s AI platform, ALICE, which helps it provide real-time insights based on the data it gathers.

Through the insights provided, growers can reduce risks related to the use of chemical and biological pesticides by strengthening precision.


“Technology and how it is implemented in agriculture will play an even more critical role in our future,” said Rob Stone, owner of Stone Farms, in a statement. “We are excited about the possibility for this technology to improve the way we manage inputs with enhanced real time information.”

Solinftec will also work in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan to validate field results provided by the new robotics technology. The aim is for the robot to be commercially available for the 2023 season for wheat crops.


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