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Salford Group launches multiple new products

June 15, 2015, Salford, ON - Salford isn't content to grow by acquisition. The rapidly expanding organization will launch several new products from each of its tillage, seeding and fertilizer application divisions.

The new product offerings include two new vertical tillage designs, the I-2200 and I-4200; new Flex Finish hydraulically adjustable finishing attachments for the I-Series; the new Salford Valmar 8600 Pull-Type Pneumatic Boom Applicator; and Salford BBI will introduce the Javelin and MagnaSpread Ultra spreaders to the Canadian market at the same time.



June 15, 2015  By News release

Salford I-4200 equipped with Flex Finish Finishing Attachment Independent Series vertical tillage. Salford is launching several new products from each of its tillage


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