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Research program looks to address priorities for pulse farmers

May 3, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

People can now access results of a five-year research program by the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG), which collaborated with the government and industry partners under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Agriscience Cluster Program.

More than $10 million was invested through the recently completed Pulse Science Cluster, which is aimed at helping address some key priorities that were established through the cluster to improve the competitiveness of pulse crops in Canada. These priorities include enhancing field pea varieties through genetic improvements, mitigating root rots, gaining a better understanding of nematodes, and developing new strategies for utilizing faba beans and other pulse ingredients.

MPSG’s investment toward the projects under the five-year Pulse AgriScience Cluster program totalled $1,418,225. Through collaboration, the value of this research is over $17 million, with $11.1 million coming from the CAP AgriScience Cluster program.


“MPSG is pleased to have played a role in contributing to funding the Pulse Science Cluster,” says Melvin Rattai, MPSG chair. “There is tremendous value to Canadian pulse farmers with the completion of this cluster and we look forward to seeing the positive outcomes and benefits this research will bring.”

Co-funding partners include Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Alberta Pulse Growers and Ontario Bean Growers.

Investing in pulse science research and innovation is important for Canadian pulse growers to remain profitable and competitive. Coordinating research funding and programming maximizes efficiency, increases capacity and improves the ability to adopt new innovative technologies.


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