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Ontario Soybean Growers fund new research program

Oct. 26, 2009 -A unique partnership was created last week, as the Ontario Soybean Growers committed $500,000 during the next five years, to help Trent University and its new Bio-Materials Research Program.

October 26, 2009  By Ontario Soybean Growers

Oct. 22, 2009 -Ontario’s soybean growers were recognized today as founding partners in Trent University’s new Bio-Materials Research Program. Well-known astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar, honorary patron of Trent’s Centre of Knowledge in the Environment unveiled the new research program. Ontario Soybean Growers (OSG) has committed $500,000 over five years in funding support.

"OSG support for the Trent program aligns with our strategy to develop new commercial uses for Ontario-grown soybeans", says Dale Petrie, OSG General Manager and Director of Strategic Development for Grain Farmers of Ontario.


"OSG’s funding commitment was a catalyst in bringing other funding partners on board."

"When completed, the Trent Biomaterials Research Program will be among the top one per cent of laboratories in the world concentrating on high-value lipid bio-products and their structure-function relationships", stated Dr. Suresh Narine, program leader. Dr. Narine and his team of nine scientists will investigate lipid utilization in the development of new high-value food and industrial/commercial applications.

"The OSG Board sees the potential for Dr. Narine’s oilseed utilization work to create new market opportunities for Ontario soybeans", noted Leo Guilbeault, OSG Chairman. "Our funding support ties back to Trent’s research having an Ontario value chain focus, developing products utilizing oils produced from IP specific trait soybeans." This OSG legacy commitment will be carried forward by the new Grain Farmers of Ontario organization.

To date, $2.5 Million has been raised to support the creation of the Trent Biomaterials Research Program. Other founding partners and funders include: Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. of Bolingbrook, Illinois; an anonymous philanthropist who established the Biomaterials Innovation Fund; the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster and the Community Adjustment Fund; and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs.

Established in 1949, the Ontario Soybean Growers represents 25,000 growers in Ontario, Canada. With a vision of an innovative and profitable soybean industry, OSG's mission is to develop and promote a sound industry business environment that will allow Ontario soybean producers the opportunity for viable and profitable ongoing returns. Later this year, OSG will merge with the Ontario Corn Producers’ Association and the Ontario Wheat Producers’ Marketing Board to form one organization representing the interests of Ontario’s 28,000 grains and oilseeds producers: Grain Farmers of Ontario.


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