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Rancona Trio seed treatment receives label expansion

September 12, 2022  By Stefanie Croley

Rancona Trio seed treatment, from UPL AgroSolutions Canada Inc. (UPL), is now labelled for use in faba beans and upgraded to control early season Aphanomyces root rot during plant emergence and early crop establishment in fields with low disease pressure in pea and lentil crops, the company announced in a press release.

The company says Rancona Trio seed treatment aims to help growers maximize their seed treatment investment and yield potential. Three fungicides offer a multi-mode combination with both contact and systemic activity for maximum protection against a broad spectrum of seed and seedling diseases in faba beans, peas, lentils, and cereal crops.

“In the case where fields have tested positive for Aphanomyces, Rancona Trio helps prevent the spread of the disease if the infestation is low to moderate,”  said Tony Dalgliesh, marketing portfolio manager – seed treatment, for UPL in the press release. “It further helps keep spore levels down in fields where Aphanomyces is not yet suspected or detected as Aphanomyces is thought to be native to the Canadian Prairies. Allowing your crop to establish a strong, healthy root system as early as possible is key to fighting off the risk of Aphanomyces.”


The release also states the product’s formulation means no dilution is required, less sticking and clumping, low dust levels, easy cleanup, and a lower freezing point. The flowable application technology means active ingredient ends up on the seed and not on the equipment, delivering more consistent protection under a wider range of conditions.

To learn more, contact your local UPL AgroSolutions Canada representative.


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