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New seed treatment for canola and soybean protects against blackleg, SDS

August 17, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Syngenta Canada announces the registration of Saltro, the first commercially available canola seed treatment to protect against airborne blackleg infection at the cotyledon stage.

Blackleg is nothing new to growers, but it remains a very significant canola disease and one that requires new technologies and strategies to manage effectively.

“As an industry, we are learning that earlier, airborne blackleg infections create a bigger risk of stem infection, which can cause lodging and cut off plants completely,” says Karen Ullman, seedcare product lead with Syngenta Canada.


Saltro provides protection at canola emergence through to the cotyledon stage and contains Adepidyn, a new Group 7 fungicide belonging to the carboxamide chemical class. Saltro moves through the xylem, a plant’s water-conducting system, and is taken up into the cotyledon so it is present and active when needed most.

For the 2021 growing season, Saltro will be available as part of a canola seed treatment package called Helix Saltro. This package includes Helix Vibrance seed treatment for protection against striped and crucifer flea beetles, seed-borne blackleg, Alternaria and seedling disease complex.

Saltro will also be made available as a fungicide soybean seed treatment that helps guard against early season sudden death syndrome (SDS) infection. SDS is one of the most significant soybean production challenges in North America and can cause an average yield loss of 20 per cent.

According to Ullman, Saltro provides SDS protection without putting additional early season stress on soybean plants that can lead to phytotoxicity, stunted growth or reduced stands.


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