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OMAFRA: Managing insects in field crops without lambda-cyhalothrin

February 14, 2023  By Tracey Baute, Field Crop News

Some popular insecticides won’t be available for use in field crops in Ontario in 2023. All products containing lambda-cyhalothrin, including Matador, Warrior, Silencer, Labamba, Voliam Xpress and Endigo, will be limited for use only in horticulture crops in Eastern Canada this year.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) re-evaluated lambda-cyhalothrin and end use products in 2021 and determined that some uses posed human health risks, particularly in animal feed uses. These uses are to be halted by April 2023. With no systems or mechanisms in place to ensure that treated field crops are not directly used for or diverted to become animal feed when bulk stored or downgraded, manufacturers have decided to limit the use of all lambda-cyhalothrin products to only horticulture crops in Eastern Canada in 2023.

In most cases, there are other products available to manage key field crop pests. But there are a few situations that will require the use of older chemistries or will lack good rotation products to reduce the risk of resistance from overreliance of one product. |READ MORE



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