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OMAFRA corn agronomy guides for Ontario growers

March 22, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

The Field Crop News team, comprised of several field crop and pest specialists with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, has recently released resources for corn growers.

Corn Agronomy Guide: Tillage

This guide covers the factors that influence the decision to till or not, including the effects of soil type and texture. It also discusses several types of tillage and their benefits and risks. |READ MORE

Corn Agronomy Guide: No-till and other considerations

According to this guide, no-till field management strategies must compensate for what tillage provides. The management strategies examined include crop rotation, weed control and soil compaction. |READ MORE


Corn Agronomy Guide: Hybrid selection

How do you select the best corn hybrids? This resource guide goes into a variety of factors that affect this decision generally and for specific conditions. Factors include Ontario crop heat units (CHU), yield, standability and test weights. |READ MORE

Each of these sections can also be found at greater length in the corn chapter of Publication 811: Agronomy Guide for Field Crops.



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