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Registration changes for soybean and forage varieties

June 9, 2014, Canada – Regulatory changes from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) that are meant to streamline the variety registration process for new oilseed soybean and forage varieties are now in effect.

The amendments provide a more efficient approval process and support faster access to innovative varieties that are in global demand, according to a press release from the CFIA.

New oilseed soybean and forage crop varieties can now be expedited as the registration process has been simplified. Specifically, pre-registration testing and merit assessments will no longer be required. All relevant safety assessments will continue. An application to register a new plant variety is only permitted after these safety assessments are complete and the variety is deemed safe for commercial production.

To reduce duplication, the amended regulations have removed the option to suspend a variety registration. Historically, the Seeds Regulations have allowed registrants of new varieties to register, suspend, cancel and reinstate a variety. The suspend and cancel options both removed seed of the variety from the marketplace. This is an administrative change that will simplify and streamline processes.

The variety registration system is designed to prevent fraud, support seed certification, foster international trade and enable tracking in the marketplace. The relevant amendments to the Seeds Regulations included moving oilseed soybean and forage crop varieties from Part I to Part III of Schedule III. These regulatory changes are now published in Canada Gazette, Part II.

June 9, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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