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Three new soybean varieties for Western Canada

June 7, 2016 - Syngenta Canada Inc. is launching three new, proprietary soybean varieties, offering growers in Western Canada more high-performing options as soybean acres continue to expand.

S001-B1, S003-L3 and S006-W5 are high-yielding Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield varieties bred for growers looking to increase their overall yield potential and reduce risk by seeding soybeans with different relative maturities.

"Growers want to see consistent performance year in and year out from their soybeans, and the key to getting consistent yields in Western Canada is early maturing varieties," explains Nick Cowan, field product specialist with Syngenta Canada. "These three new varieties are bred to consistently deliver high yields and strong disease tolerance in early maturity geographies."

S001-B1 is an early maturing, medium-tall plant best suited to the early double zero (00) maturity zones across the Prairies. It offers great standability for strong emergence, consistent yields and easy harvestability, along with excellent iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) tolerance and good white mould tolerance. S001-B1 also contains the Rps1c gene for Phytophthora root rot with very good field tolerance.

S003-L3 is a medium- to short-height plant best suited to the early 00 maturity zones in western Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This variety's unique genetic characteristics include a narrow lancelet leaf shape as well as top pod clusters that provide a late season boost to yields in ideal growing conditions.

S003-L3 features a strong disease package that includes IDC tolerance, good white mould tolerance and the Rps6 gene for managing Phytophthora root rot. S003-L3 has also displayed strong performance in narrow row widths with excellent harvestability.

The third new variety is S006-W5, a medium-height plant that is well suited to the highly productive soils found in the mid to late 00 maturity zones of Manitoba's traditional soybean growing areas. S006-W5 demonstrated top-end yield potential in the 2015 Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team (MCVET) public trials, where it yielded 10 per cent above the industry check. S006-W5 also features excellent harvestability and the unique Rps1a and Rps3a gene stack for excellent Phytophthora root rot protection.

The three new varieties will be entering research and public trials this growing season and be made available for sale in fall 2016 for 2017 seeding.


June 7, 2016  By News release


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