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November 14, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

Accurate planting
The 4000 series Harriston cup planter offers a switch-activated seed delivery
system proven on its pick planter. This assures the correct amount of seed is
in the bowl at all times, decreasing the occurrence of doubles and skips. Planting
accuracy is also ensured with the hydraulic shaker system that is easily adjustable
for a wide range of conditions. Cups can be adjusted with quick change inserts
that will fit a variety of seed shapes and sizes.

The cup planter has been built with every consideration for planting ease and
accuracy. It has an extremely short seed drop. The row unit construction and
floating shoe are robust and all components work together to ensure proper planting
in a variety of field conditions. The planters are available in two, four, six
and eight row models. -30-
Harriston Industries

Burns off vines
At the British Potato Event 2003, held in September, a new propane powered burner
for potato vine desiccation and weed control was unveiled. Manufactured by Richard
Western at Framlingham, Suffolk, in the UK, the new six row, three bed Greenburner
system increases work rates and improves overall efficiency over the successful
two row Greenburner.


At six metres wide, the Greenburner can be made to fit any bed system and improves
speed over the traditional two row, one bed system with a three-fold increase
in area covered in one pass. The new burner uses liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
in its liquefied form as opposed to vapour, which allows different gas tank
options as well as higher levels of gas efficiency without the risk of tanks
freezing up. Working like a fan assisted oven, it keeps as much heat under the
canopy as possible so that the burner uses only 60 kilograms of LPG per hectare.



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