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FARM EQUIPMENT REVIEW: Planting machinery

 Planting machinery

November 13, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

Over the last year, dozens of new models and designs of farm machinery
have been introduced by manufacturers. Many of you will have seen these
introductions at farm shows and in various industry announcements –
but, can you remember the details? This feature provides a reference
for you.
Peter Darbishire, Editor

While Top Crop Manager editors make every effort to
be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible
for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the
companies for more details.

Nutrient delivery for all
Case IH has bolstered its product line by integrating the root zone banding
expertise of DMI into its new lineup of fertilizer placement implements. This
lineup features tools that precisely deliver nutrients whether a producer operates
in strip-till, pre-plant or side-dress fertilizer application systems.


The new Case IH NTX5310 strip-till system offers minimum-till producers the
ideal solution for cold, wet spring conditions by creating a more uniform seedbed
that warms faster for earlier planting. By banding in the root zone, the fertilizer
can be applied as part of a one-pass treatment that delivers the maximum available
nutrients to a plant's roots.

The NTX5310 uses 24 inch coulters to slice through residue and eliminate plugging
and bunching. High clearance shanks deliver the holding power needed to operate
in the toughest soil conditions, while the strip-till knife tills and raises
the soil into a berm. Finally, the Berm Build'r attachment blades and Berm Condition'r
baskets shape the berm into the ideal height and shape for an optimum seedbed

Case IH NPX5300 applicators have the versatility to band nutrients for both
pre-plant or side-dress application. Features include an expandable toolbar
that increases your application options, a liquid tank option for dual placement
of liquid and anhydrous ammonia fertilizers, and reversible spring double disc
sealers, which seal and smooth the soil behind the knife. The NPX5300 is available
in a variety of row spacing widths and single and double fold sizes, as well
as a mounted configuration.

The Case IH NPX2800 applicator is perfectly suited for side-dressing liquid
fertilizer efficiently and effectively. Featuring a range in tank capacities
of 500, 850 or 1300 gallons, there is a size available to fit any producer's
needs. The 1300 gallon version converts from 15 coulters for 16 rows, 30 inch
spacing to 11 coulters for 12 rows, 30 inch spacing. The 850 gallon version
offers seven, nine and 11 coulter options for eight row or 12 row, 30 inch spacing.
All configurations are designed to accommodate row spacings ranging from 30
to 40 inches. -30-
Case IH

Double disc is row mounted
The new Yetter double disc opener is an ideal method to place fertilizer for
both conventional and no-till methods. The opener mounts directly to the faceplate
of the planter row unit to streamline the fertilizer distribution process. Fertilizer
placement is adjustable for both depth and distance from the row, making it
easy to hit the root zone and supply adequate nutrition for healthy plants and
better stands.

The double disc fertilizer opener can be equipped with smooth blades or a combination
of a notched and a smooth blade depending on individual needs. The opener blade
adjacent to the row runs straight and parallel to the row, which can significantly
reduce the chance of soil disruption in or near the row. A second blade running
at a slight angle contacts the outer edge of the first blade to open the fertilizer
trench for pinpoint placement. Opener blades are available in 13.5 inch diameter
notched and 12.5 inch diameter smooth variations. The opener even has internal
scrapers to prevent soil build-up between opener blades. -30-



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