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INTRODUCTION: Most things change

There is an evolution...

November 14, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

There is an evolution in nearly every aspect of our lives or businesses
and usually these are gradual rather than sudden. What is different is
the degree at which change is affecting our lives or businesses.

Conditions at home and abroad have necessitated a shift in mind-sets.
We are being challenged with greater frequency to rethink and revise our
management practices. It goes beyond just how or when we plant: change
is affecting what is being planted and why.

It may be a cliché but it is fast becoming an inescapable truth:
change is the only constant in our lives. And it is occurring around us
at a more remarkable pace.


We have heard that China is a looming concern or that Argentina is a
new player in the global market. Are these developments cause for concern
or a chance to learn and perhaps explore new opportunities?

In this issue, there are stories that cover the impact these two regions
may have on cropping plans in the future.

There are also several updates on what plant breeders have in store for
corn, wheat and soybean growers.

Again, the challenge is there for us to accept it or decline it.

Our changes
This magazine has also seen a recent change: Peter Phillips, publisher
since it was introduced in 1989 as well as publisher of its predecessor,
Agri-book Magazine since 1977, has retired. I am taking over his role
as publisher, while continuing as editor, which I have been since inception.
Phillips' role as advertising sales manager has been ably filled by National
Sales Manager Kelly Dundas, who joined Top Crop Manager in 2005,
and is teamed-up with Western Canada Sales Manager Gerry Hertz, who is
based in Saskatchewan.

Yes, these are changes, but they are gradual and part of a plan that
will ensure Top Crop Manager continues to bring readers its unique
mix of high quality technical features to help you farm profitably. -30-

Peter Darbishire,
Publisher and Editor



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